Plan Your Horse Fence

When planning your fence installation the first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what you need to do. Now that may seem like a strange statement, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve ordered too much or too little or just plain the wrong parts for a fence and my brother has had to correct me.

Step 1: Draw It Out

fence mappingThe best option to start is to map out the area that you want to fence off. I’ve done this by printing out a Google maps image and drawing right on top of it. In fact, just recently, I started printing it out with a specific scale so that I when I’ve finished drawing I can calculate exactly how much distance I’ll need. the reason for doing all this beforehand is that fencing is expensive. Buying too much is a bummer as you’ll have spent hundreds more than needed. Too little is just as costly as you’ll need to order more and shipping is a beast. Anyways, draw out your area and the fence you are planning on. check out this explanation on it.

Step 2: Note Corners, Gates, Chargers & More

Go through your map and make anotations for all the gates, corners, chargers and other accessories you’ll be using. These differences can change the product you’ll order. For example, you’ll need a corner bracket for each strand and every corner you have in your fence. Beyond that, termination brackets when you come to a gate are important and grounding cables for the chargers and gates as well as continuation cables.

Step 3: Make Your Order

Make sure that you know what you need before you get on the phone to order. You can always find a store that has someone willing to help. My favorite has to be and if I’m buying Centaur Fencing products, this site has a great help service as well. Always make sure the person you are talking to knows what is going one with your particular fence. In fact, I’d suggest faxing or emailing your little map over to them if that’s possible as it will be a great help!

Step 4: Install The Fencing

You can always do this yourself, but having some extra help from a professional may just be a great idea. By buying the product yourself and laying out the plans you’ve won half the battle. Ask if an installer will discount you based on the plans you’ve already drawn up. Obviously run these plans by him and see if he has any input as he may see something that you haven’t.

Ok guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this. There is definitely a lot to look into when purchasing and installing your own horse fence, but in the end there is no reason you can’t do it yourself. Just be careful out there and make sure you do your research before making any decisions. Especially when it comes to the more complicated fencing like electric.

Good Luck Everyone!


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